Blossom Home Care

Blossom Home Care



Blossom Home Care is a family business, providing ‘just bloomin’ good care’ to the elderly and other adults with home care requirements. Having explored a number of franchise business options, John and Registered Nurse Fiona (Blossom’s owners), could not find a service provider that took care as seriously as they did so they decided to establish their own, offering the very highest standards of care in which they would be happy for their own parents to be cared for.

The Situation

When we first met John and Fiona they knew exactly what they wanted to do with their business, but they didn’t have a name for it.

The Solution

We explored a number of names alongside a number of positional statements. The next morning John called us back to say there was only one in the running as the positional put them exactly where they wanted to be, and so the Blossom brand was born. The logo styling was developed initially and agreed. Then the stationery, uniforms, website and everything else that was required to ‘market’ the business came to fruition. 

The Result

Established in 2015 the business is nearly 4 years old. John and Fiona now have a thriving business working out of two locations (the original and Head Office in Northallerton alongside their second office in Tadcaster). Over that time we have run radio campaigns, Google Ads, social media and a number of print/distribution campaigns to recruit carers and generally promote the business. We’ve also produced videos and brochures to demonstrate how Blossom deliver the ‘bloomin’ good care’ they have become famous for.  Now also recognised as an award-winning service, we have enjoyed working with John and Fiona and look forward to continuing to do so and to helping their business blossom even further in line with their objectives.   

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