Newtons Solicitors & MediaVantage – working together every step of the way

Newtons Solicitors & MediaVantage – working together every step of the way

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Newtons Solicitors are a growing regional law firm with twelve offices across Yorkshire and the North East, offering legal expertise across a range of specialist areas. Their offices are conveniently located in towns and they offer individuals and businesses a range of specialist legal advice, which includes residential property, employment law, wills, trusts and probate, family law, debt recovery, criminal law, personal injury, notarial services, agricultural and rural law, commercial property, company and commercial law, and corporate crime.

The Situation

When I first met Chris, he was handling most of the marketing himself. We discussed a range of different options, but focused initially on getting to know the existing customer base first so we could identify the ‘typical’ Newtons customer and develop our strategy from there.

The Solution

As a result of profiling, we now utilise the marketing budgets slightly differently and have added Google Ads and refocused on social media. We’ve also extended the use of radio, added in advertorials, and agreed a positional. Key to this was the notion that although you may not always need a solicitor, when you do you want to be reassured that the solicitor you choose is reliable, local (so you can speak to them and meet them as often as necessary), and that they will be by your side and guide you to a resolution. The positional we chose, therefore, was “When you need us we are with you every step of the way”.

The Result

Chris doesn’t need to be as involved as he was, which gives him more time to concentrate on his business. MediaVantage pick up some of the media bookings, all the processing of copy as well as the writing and clearance of ads/content and social media. The business continues to go from strength to strength and Newtons are poised for even greater success.

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Remember, remember the 5th of November…

Ok, with everything else going on this year, I’ll be the first to admit that I hadn’t realised that Bonfire Night is just around the corner. Normally I love this time of year, going to watch a local firework display with a hot chocolate and pie and peas – what could be better? Of course, as with many things, this year will be different and not just because we have a dog who hates loud noises!

MediaVantage driving the radio bookings for Drive Vauxhall

“As a motors business, we have to be able to quickly and easily respond to changes in the offers we promote. Radio offers us this flexibility and enables us to not only change the message completely, but also tweak it, if necessary, to reflect the local market. Liz helped us select the right stations and negotiated the packages we wanted. On top of that, Liz and her team keep extremely close tabs on the campaigns and the effects of the changes in terms of implementation and managing that process by changing the spends, copy rotations, etc. Their attention to detail is second to none and I knew I would be able to rely on them to deliver what I wanted from the radio and to keep on delivering it!”

Newtons Solicitors & MediaVantage – working together every step of the way

“Liz really knows her stuff with the marketing. I felt that I was doing a pretty good job and did question whether I needed to appoint an external marketing agency. Liz was very persistent in wanting to have a meeting with me and in a moment of weakness I agreed. We immediately hit it off. I liked the client profiling work that Liz arranged (anonymously and based on postcodes), which told us our client demographic across our region. From this we could make more informed decisions about our marketing spend rather than my previous gut feel and back of fag packet approach. I really enjoy working with Liz and her team – they will be a key part of my marketing team going forward.”