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Pass N Go are a driving school with a difference. As well as offering driving tuition they also offer Driver Instructor Training that gives anyone who can drive the opportunity to run their own business teaching others to drive. They give you the skills, the set up and all the support you need to become a qualified instructor. Courses are flexible and can be tailored around a current job or other commitment and to become a qualified Instructor, you need to pass three DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) tests.

The Situation

Our job is to recruit people who can drive and are interested in registering, and willing to pay, to become a Driving Instructor.

The Solution

Radio offered the perfect solution as it reaches people when they are driving. By using real instructors to voice the commercials we were able to identify the jobs they were doing and their reasons for wanting to leave to become their own boss. This ‘vehicle’ is underpinned with the positional “find your happy with Pass N Go”. The radio stations were chosen to maximise reach and frequency with the slightly older demographic and with a view to broadening female applicants.

The Result

Radio is a main stay of the marketing effort to recruit new instructors.  Each month the postcodes of the applicants are analysed and assessed to identify how effective the campaigns are and to develop the campaigns further. 

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