Why MediaVantage are Just the Answer for JT Atkinson…

Why MediaVantage are Just the Answer for JT Atkinson…



JT Atkinson is a family owned independent builders’ merchant with over 150 years’ experience in the supply of building materials. With 30 branches located in Tyne and Wear, Durham, Teesside, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Cumbria, the company is able to supply a range of traditional building, roofing, timber, plumbing and heating materials and a growing range of sustainable products right across the North of England.

The Situation

JT Atkinson had so much to ‘sell’, this led, occasionally, to quite complex communications that were often focused on product and price. Their messages needed to be simplified so the impression was more memorable for all customers, both internal and external. We also knew there was a bigger story to tell to ensure that all customers knew not only what to expect from JT Atkinson, but also what made them different.

The Solution

We agreed a positional statement (JT Atkinson – Just the Answer). As well as having the same initials, Just the Answer also gave us a platform to add more information i.e.

  • Just the Answer – for over 150 years
  • Just the Answer – for gravel/fencing/bricks/Easter
  • Just the Answer – for Martin, etc.

The Result

The new strategy is only just starting to be introduced and already it is receiving some good, positive feedback. The objective is to have everything consistent and “on-brand” so we are continuing to work with the JT Atkinson team to ensure this objective is achieved.

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